Saturday, March 7, 2009

Old Candle Wax? New Ideas

Starla's Candle Making Old Wax Pieces - Don't Throw Them Away - Blue Moon SuppliesWhat do you do with all the left over wax pieces from candles after they have finished burning? Treat them as candle supplies and make a new candle!

Often people just throw old candle pieces away without thinking of all the new projects they can make with the old wax.Here are just a few suggestions for those of use who are froogle!

1. Melt the wax down. Dirt and bits of old matches will sink to the bottom. When using old wax, just throw away the little bit that is in the bottom of the pan that has all the bits of dirt in it.Or you could strain the wax through an old sock or piece of rag.

2. Make fire starters with the old wax and bits of newspaper, straw, or shredded wood pieces.3. Use a birthday candle as a new wick.

4. Pour the wax in layers in a candy mold (keep temperature low for the plastic mold)

5. Pour the wax in a paper cup cake bottom. Use the birthday candle as a new wick. These are the cuttest new candles from old wax.

6. Melt all pieces together for a blend of candle colors.

7. Pour layers of old wax, so you have a cinnamon blending down to a vanilla. Each new layer will give you a new scent and look at all the wax you have saved! Let alone the fun you will have.

8. Make multicolored candles. Just melt different colors separately and pour into molds or containers in layers!

9. Make new scents by blending two complimentary scents floras with floras, spices with get the idea!

10. Melt old candle pieces in your potpourri burner or tart burner.

11. Shred the old wax with a coleslaw shredder and place in old hose to make shachett packs for you dresser drawers.

12. Candle wax will make old dresser drawers or sticky windows slide easier. Just run the wax over the wood that is sticking and your drawer or window will run smoother!

If you think of any more great tips, just email them to me and I will add your idea to the list.A family operated business who values our customers - Starla, Lisa, Tammy, and EmilioThe puppies help too - Cleo, Shania, Cassy, and the brat Shakera (who passed away in October 2004 - we will miss you puppy).

We offer step by step tips and techniques photos to help you make a candle. It always helped us to see how it was done. We hope our candle instructions tips can help you. And now on to the candlemakers on line class....................Candle Making Supplies and Bakery Store open Monday thru Friday, Noon till 5p.m.6731 Straight Creek Road, Waverly, Ohio 456901-(740)-779-9425 or 1-(740)-947-0007


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