Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips and tricks for successful lip balming

Choosing the right lip balm recipe can make all the difference. Typical recipes call for common ingredients, like: bees-wax beads, cocoa or shea butter, almond (borage or sunflower can be substituted) oil, Vitamin E for extra moisturizing, and your preferred flavorings and colorings. We recommend experimenting to find the right recipe for your needs. Several recipes can be found in Marie Browning's "Totally Cool Soapmaking for Kids," or check out our Lip Balm Kits.

Step 1: Begin by gently inserting your empty lip balm filling tubes into the tray open-end first.

Step 2: Once your tubes are in place and ready for pouring its time to heat your chosen lip balm recipe and prepare for filling the tubes. Be sure that your balm does not exceed 140°F when working with the filling tray.

Note: Please be sure mixture does not exceed 140°

Step 3: Next, while your lip balm mixture is hot begin pouring it into the trays. You'll notice how the lip balm trays provide a convenient lip for catching any excess lip balm mixture during the pouring process. This makes it easier for you to clean up after your tubes are cooled.

Note: you may find it easier to reheat the lip balm mixture in a microwave periodically if you are filling a large supply of tubes, or would like to top off any partially filled tubes.

Step 4: Once your tubes are cooled you can remove them by gently twisting and slowly pulling away from the tray. Note: Please do not place your filled tubes inside a freezer to cool, because the extreme temperature differential may cause an uneven settling of lip balm mixture.

Step 5: As you're removing the tubes from the tray you may want to wipe any excess lip balm from the neck of the tube, being careful not to remove the tip of the newly poured balm.

Step 6: Now all that is left to do is cap your tubes and enjoy your new lip balm product! When you're finished with the trays you can use the scraper tool to remove the excess lip balm mixture.

If you would like to see a video from SKS Bottle, http://www.sks-bottle.com/flash/lipbalm_vid.html

Blogger Note: I am planning to purchase the lip balm tray from SKS Bottle and use it for teaching classes and of course to make large batches of lip balm. Has anyone purchase this item before? How do you like it?

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