Monday, January 12, 2009

Wintergreen's Whipped Sugar Scrub

Thanks to Wintergreen for generously sharing this recipe.

This easy-peasy recipe for a FBB Whipped Sugar Scrub! This has a mousse-like texture, never separates and rinses clean. The result is a whipped, light texture that has plenty of "scrub" and is not oily at all! Even on a hot, hot, day and in the sun, I have not had these separate.

This looks fabulous packaged in either a Large or Small Bail Jars or Wide Neck Tubs accurately so you will achieve the right gel consistency if you intend making a larger volume.

This recipe makes 1800g

What you need

432g Foaming Bath Butter (24%)
108g Jojoba (6%)
135g Glycerine (7.5%)
9g Germall Plus Liquid (0.5%)
1080g White Sugar (60%)
36g Fragrance or Essential Oils of Choice (this amount is 2% but you may like to increase or decrease this amount)

How to make
*Measure out the FBB and place into a large jug/bowl and heat until *just* softened

*Now measure the Jojoba, half of the Sugar and Glycerine and place into the bowl of a stand mixer

*Add the melted Bath Butter

*Using the whisk attachment, set the mixer on low, drape with a tea towel as there will be a bit of splashing until the ingredients begin to "cream"

*Gradually add the remaining sugar, preservative, colour (if desired), and scent

*Increase the mixing speed until it is really whipping the scrub

*I let this whip for a long time... maybe even an hour!

*Pour into Bail Jars or wide necked Tubs and leave until set

Note from Jude:

I like Apricot Kernel and Rice Bran Oil too, but your can try own your favourite liquid oil
For a natural pale apricot colour, try using some Carrot infused oil as part of the oil portion - this will naturally colour the scrub.

Or, for a natural yummy buttery colour, try using some Calendula infused oil - I love this one!

If whipping with a hand held beater, take care not to overheat the motor.

If using Vanilla based scents, don’t forget they will discolour the soap from a deep cream to a dark brown, so take this into account when planning your scrub.


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