Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Natural Paper-Wrapped Candles


Paper Perfect by Deco Art
dried floral additives by Deco Art
pallet knife sponge
clear-plastic sheet protector
hot glue
large pillar candle
decorative-edge scissors


1. Measure the circumference of the candle and add 1" to the measurement for the sheet protector (to compensate for shrinking and trimming). Thoroughly stir Paper Perfect medium before applying with a palette knife to the sheet protector; use a sponge for textured effects.

2. Sprinkle dried flower additives directly onto wet Paper Perfect and gently press in place with fingers.

3. Dry 12-24 hours, depending on thickness (remove excess water and accelerate drying time with a sponge patted over the surface and/or place in front of fan). The medium is acid-free and nontoxic; clean up, as needed, with soap and water.

4. When dry, peel the paper off the plastic. Use decorative scissors to trim the paper to the appropriate size to fit around the candle before gluing in place. Tie raffia around the paper to secure it to the candle.

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