Thursday, January 22, 2009


Submitted by Willow to Wholesale Supply Plus Forum (


5oz coconut
5 oz mango butter
3 oz palm oil
2 oz shea butter
1 oz castor
2.2 oz lye
4 oz water (distilled)


Mix lye water, set aside. Melt oils and butters together until just melted.Mash 4 oz banana into pulp.[ If you want to, you can pull out a little of your oils to mix with the banana pulp - but I don't have any problems incorporating with the stick blender]Add lye water to oils and stick blend to light trace. Add banana pulp. Stir to trace.This looks very much like banana bread. It's very dark at first - maybe for a month and gradually lightens.I don't normally use any additional fragrance, but I have considered added a vanilla base FO just to help the soap stay a darker brown.It makes a wonderful bar.


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