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More Packaging Ideas from Soap Crafters

October 24th, 2008

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Let’s start with bars of soap

I look at my soap as being in one of two categories: Pretty soap that I want to show off or plain bars that I want to dress UpFor my pretty bars, one of my favorite ways to package them is with shrink wrap bags. You stick the soap in a bag, seal around the edges, and then use a heat gun or blow dryer to shrink the plastic up around the soap. It gives a nice, professional finish to the soap. Then you can tie it with raffia, ribbon, twine, etc. If you’d like, you can tie something on to the ribbon that goes with the theme of the soap. You can also put a label on the plain side of the bar.

I have also shrink wrapped a bar and then put it inside a clear cello(pronounced sello) bag which I then tie with raffia or ribbon, or close with a twist tie. It might seem like overkill to do both, but I have found that when I just put it in the cello bag, the soap rubs off on the inside of the bag, and looks messy.

Soap crates are also another way of showcasing a pretty soap. Fill the crate with decorative straw, a pouf, or a pretty wash cloth. Set the soap on top, then shrink wrap it.

A bar of soap placed on a soap dish, then shrink wrapped and tied with ribbon, raffia or twine makes a nice presentation as well.

There are lots of fun ways you can dress up a plain bar of soap as well.Shrink wrapping the bar (make sure if it’s a CP soap that it is fully cured) and then tying it with ribbon works well especially when you also attach something related to the theme of the soap. For example…Sea shells for an ocean scented soap, a silk flower for a gardenia soap. Those little wooden craft buttons are fun, as well as little plastic toys or candy.

Designing your own label and printing it on card stock, is a popular way of packaging as well. Most people wrap the card stock snuggly around the soap, leaving a little room at each end, to allow for shrinkage.

Handmade paper also makes a beautiful wrapping.

Muslin bags or any other fabric bag make cute packaging.Cello bags with fun patterns or colors that fit the theme of your soap are a great, inexpensive way to go.Small little paper sacks with a label, tied at the top with raffia are way cute too!

As mentioned before, soap crates and soap dishes are a great way to jazz up a plain bar. Package them with a wash cloth that goes with the theme of the bar, and you have a wonderful look.

Washcloths and bandanas are used as packaging too.

Use your imagination. Once you start looking around, you’ll be amazed at the different things you can use to showcase your soap.

Ground Loofah

Try running your loofah through a blender or coffee grinder and adding it to salt scrubs and soap. You can also pull small pieces off the loofah for another unique effect.


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