Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Silky Liquid Body Powder

(makes about 1/3 cup)

All the benefits of a loose powder without the puff and dust! Since this formula contains water, be sure to add the preservative.

Oil Phase

1 teaspoon glyceryl monostearate
1 teaspoon jojoba oil
2 teaspoon wheat germ oil
2 Tablespoons fractionated coconut oil
Fragrance, as desired

Water Phase

5 teaspoons Natrasorb-100
2 tablespoons distilled water
1 teaspoon polysorbate 20
.2% methylparaben (about a scant scant pinch)


Mix oil phase together at approx. 140F. Set aside. Warm distilled water to 140F. Dissolve polysorbate 20 and methylparaben in the water. Distribute Natrasorb slowly over the top of the water mix. Incorporate to create a slurry. Using a sterile fork, slowly combine water and oil phases. Mix until emulsion forms and thickens. Package immediately in sterile containers.

Source: http://www.snowdriftfarm.com/form_powders.html

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