Monday, January 19, 2009

Organic Or Synthetic?

by Louise Forrest

In the world that we live and with all the warnings that certain foods or products are not very good for us, we can never really be too careful. And this also applies to the products that are going on your skin.

With all the chemical processing that takes place when it comes to the food cycle or production of clothes and also with the manufacture of skin care products, it is just no wonder that people have said NO to such goods have turned organic.

But if you take your lipstick for instance: is it really made from mint, home grown ingredients and other so called flower petals?

Whilst this is may not you may be thinking when you think of something that has been classed as organic. You think of something that has had zero human intervention. But even the products that are classed as organic still have traces of synthetic ingredients, although much fewer, there is no real reason to actually panic. And in fact some certain synthetic ingredients such as a preservative are actually needed in order to produce quality skin products.

The are certain differences between a product that is man made and something that is organic. Ingredients that are organic are generally plant based and are not man made. If however these ingredients undertake or king of process, they are still actually considered as organic. An example of this is corn.

It is dried and then taken off the cob and then milled in order to create corn flour. Here is an example of a change that is needed in order to create something else.

On the other hand products that are synthetic are artificial and are usually acquired through different reactions between various chemicals. But having said this, there are items which are man made and created through various processes that are still considered to be natural.

An example of this would be salt which comes from sodium and chlorine can be created by people with some ease. But you can find natural salts all over the world. What is the salt that you find in the sea? Is this the same salt that you find in a bath soak? Unlikely.

It can be difficult finding products that are totally natural or totally organic. Creating a lotion with nothing but organic ingredients would not be practical as the ingredients would go off after a few days and so the product would need to be discarded. So having synthetic ingredients is not all a bad thing, but actually needed.


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