Monday, December 29, 2008

Shower Sugar Cubes Recipe

Here is an interesting recipe from  Wholesale Supplies Plus's blog on how to make sugar scrubs for the shower.  The ingredients in this recipe can be purchase from Wholesale Supplies Plus.  If they do not sell raw brown sugar, you can probably get that at your local health food store or may be your local chain grocery store.

The  recipe is very simple with only a few ingredients.  Since it so easy that you could whip up a batch in no time and give them as favors at your next special occasion like a bridal shower.


16 oz Crafter’s Choice Foaming Bath Whip
16 oz Crafter’s Choice Ultra White MP Soap
32 oz Raw Brown Sugar
2 oz Crafter’s Choice Sexy Vanilla Bean FO
Silicone Square Tray Mold


This recipe requires that you weigh your ingredients with a scale. After weighing, place the foaming bath whip and white soap in a glass bowl. (Do not use a hand mixer to whip the foaming bath whip) Heat the contents of the bowl in the microwave until fully melted. Do not boil. Remove from microwave and add fragrance. Weigh the brown sugar and add to the glass bowl. Mix well. Pour into silicone mold. Allow to completely harden. Remove from mold and slice with a straight or wavy soap cutter.Package cubes in 16 oz Clear Basic Jar or 12 oz Clear Bail Jar. Label as directed. To harden cubes, allow to sit open to the air for 24-48 hours.

Notes: When making this recipe it is impossible to remove the sugar cubes from a plastic mold. A silicone mold is best. When pouring this recipe it is very, very thick. Due to this consistency an alternative household mold would be a jelly roll pan, glass baking dish or plastic food storage container lined with wax paper. If you do this, you should not use these containers for foods at a later date.


After removing the liquefied bases from the microwave, add a small amount of Crafter’s Choice Strawberry Red Liquid Color and 2 oz of Crafter’s Choice Cotton Candy Twist Fragrance Oil.

Instead of raw brown sugar, use coarse white sugar (big crystals). These will look like pink sugar cubes.

Additional variations include lemon (yellow), orange vanilla (orange), pomegranate (purple), margarita lime (green).

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