Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jewel Soap

What you will need:

*4 ounces of Soap Crafters Clear Melt & Pour Soap

* Shavings from previously made Rainbow soap, shave so it curls

*1/4 teaspoon of your favorite Soap Crafters Fragrance Oil

*A microwave & microwave safe bowl

*A chopstick or spoon to stir

*Celtic Oval Mold (from the SoapCrafter's Mold Line or other mold)


With a sharp knife, cut shavings from previously made and multicolored soaps. For this soap, I used rainbow soap. Spray the shavings with Witch Hazel and then loosely pack them into the soap mold. (Spritzing the shaving in the mold will cause the soap to go cloudy.) Put 4 ounces of clear Melt & Pour soap in a bowl. Microwave it for 30 seconds. Stir with a chop stick. Keep putting it back into the microwave until melted for about 5 seconds, being careful not to let it boil or overheat. Don't stir too vigorously because you will create foam. When melted, let sit until a thin skin forms on top. You might have to jiggle it a bit to see it. Add the fragrance. Stir. Pour over the shaved soap in the soap mold. Remove any foam or bubbles which have formed. Put mold into freezer for about 1 hour. It will pop right out.

Note: You can create these same soaps with other molds and fragrances from another company. It is just another way of create it.


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