Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Balsam Soap (Cold Process)

Recipe from Snowdrift Farms (

Please visit our Safe Soapmaking page before making soap.

All measurements are metric by weight except for water, which is by volume.

400 grams sweet almond oil
400 grams avocado oil
300 grams coconut oil
200 grams palm oil
300 grams sunflower seed oil
200 grams lye (NaOH/sodium hydroxide)
500 milliliters distilled water
2 teaspoons hydrated chromium green oxide
2 teaspoons titanium dioxide
Holiday Balsam fragrance oil

Utensils: wire whisk for swirling; second mixing bowl for coloring soap base.

When soap mix comes to light trace add the fragrance oil. Divide in half by pouring half into a separate mixing bowl. Into first half of mix, add the green oxide and into the second half, add the titanium dioxide. Mix each color thoroughly. Pour half of green soap on bottom of mold. Pour half of white soap mix on top. Repeat. Insert wire whisk into soap mix and pull through, creating designs as you go. Be sure to drag whisk along bottom of mold to create swirls throughout the soap.

Pour into 5 pound rectangular slab mold.

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