Thursday, December 11, 2008

Key Lime Soaps

Submitted by CandleGoddess to Wholesale Supplies Plus Forum

The amounts would vary based on your size of mold/container so I just posted the general idea. These turn out really cute though!

You will need:

Clear MP (I like the Crystal Clear Crafter's Choice, but Clear will work too)
Ultra White MP
Ground Oats
Green/Yellow Colorant of choice
Key Lime Pie Fragrance from WSP
Vanilla Color Stabilizer from WSP
mica (optional)
70% Isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle (clearly marked for safety's sake!)
Stainless Steel Bowl
Electric hand mixer
Mold of choice (I like the silicone baking pans and use a 8x8 one)
stainless spoon devoted to B&B


Okay, let's get started!

Melt some clear MP (enough to cover the bottom and make a decent crust. Add your ground oats and pour into your silicone baking pan. (The crust portion is so small I don't even bother scenting) Lightly spritz with alcohol to remove any bubbles on top of the soap. Allow to cool until firm to the touch. Soap will still be "warm", but will be solid enough to pour another layer of soap on.

Next, melt your white MP. You should melt enough to form a substantial middle layer. This is your Key Lime filling layer! Once white soap is melted, add your colorants, fragrance & vanilla color stabilizer. (Note: if you add too much fragrance it will decrease the lather!) Spritz a very fine mist of alcohol onto your "crust" and then pour your "filling". Spritz a very light mist of alcohol onto the top of your filling to remove bubbles, then allow to cool until a nice thick skin is on the top of the soap. (This will probably take longer than the crust, because we are talking about more soap having to cool now).

In the meantime, melt some more white soap. I'll bet you were wondering what that mixer was for, weren't you? Now you are going to whip that soap into shape!! Using a clean mixer with clean beaters, whip the soap in the stainless mixing bowl. You may add a pinch of silver mica if you would gives the whipped topping a nice sheen! As the soap cools a bit and you continue to whip it , you will notice it will take on a whipped topping appearance. You can check consistency by lifting the beaters (with the mixer turned off--LOL!!) and seeing if soft peaks form. Once soft peaks form, start spooning the bubbly topping onto the "filling" layer with the stainless spoon.

I choose not to scent my whipped topping and have not tried it with scented soap, FYI. You may have great results just remember to use that vanilla color stabilizer if you want it to stay white!! Keep whipping and spooning, whipping and spooning until you get a nice full whipped topping layer.

That's it ladies and gents! Allow to cool, pop out of mold (this is the easy part if you used silicone) and then cut into squares. A little work involved, but definitely worth the effort!!You can do different variations of this too. Make lemon bars, cheesecake bars, etc. Have fun with it!! I hope you guys enjoy making these as much as I do!


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