Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Lotions Recipe

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55% distilled water
29% oils
10% butters
5.3% e-wax
0.7% preservative

Here's the breakdown for a thousand gram batch - very easy to apply the % then. ;o)
550 g water
290 g oils
100 g butters
53 g e-wax
8 g preservative

Use heat proof containers. I use Pyrex batter bowls, as they are good and sturdy and can go in the microwave or the fridge. Measure your water into one container, oils and e-wax into another, butters into a third, and preservative in a fourth.

All heating times I've given are based on my microwave, which tends to run hotter than average. For instance, for a TV dinner that says "4 to 6 minutes", we usually go 3 min 45 sec. Keep this in mind when attempting at home. Heat your water in the microwave or over the stove. For 550 g, I heat it in the micro on high for 4.5 minutes in a glass measuring cup. This is shy of boiling, but still pretty hot - I'd say 170 degrees or so. Set the water aside.

Heat oils and e-wax until e-wax is melted and container is hot to the touch. For this batch it takes about 3 minutes in the micro on high(Zap in 1 min increments). Add the butters to this mixture and allow the retained heat to melt them. This helps avoid any graininess that can occur by melting the butters too quickly. If after a few minutes the butters haven't completely melted, zap in the micro in 10 sec increments. Allow ingredients to cool until the containers are warm to the touch. I'd guess this is about 110 to 120 degrees.

Slowly pour water into the oil mixture, and start stick blending. I blend for one minute on, five minutes off until it's started to cool. It really doesn't take long for them to emulsify.

Please Note: I use Phenonip, which can withstand very high temps. According to manufacturer's instructions, I add half of it to the water, and half to the oils. I have never had a lotion separate on me using this process. Of course you can tweek this anyway you want to - there are so many cool additives like liquid silk or the polysorbates or even starches... but this really does work and is a great confidence booster! lol


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