Saturday, December 27, 2008

Popping Bath Salts

I found this recipe and I thought it was quite intresting because of the addition of Pop Rocks to make the salts pop. It is the CO2 that is in Pop Rocks that makes them fizzle. I thought this might be a fun recipe to make and put it in a bottle shaped like a champagne bottle. Then you can open it and use it for New Years!


1 cup rock salt
1 cup Epson salt
1 cup Pop Rocks!
Fragrance or essential oil
Optional: water soluble colorant


Blend your three ingredients together well.Wearing gloves, drizzle the fragrance or essential oil into the bowl and mix well. If you choose to use a colorant, use a water soluble colorant like an FD&C or mica. Pigments tend to clump and not work as well as water soluble colorants.Package the product up in an airtight container and enjoy the popping and cracking of the Pop Rocks! when you take a bath!


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