Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lavender-Mint Layered Soap Recipe

From David Fisher

Let's Get Started Making Lavender-Mint Layered Soap

Whether it's a soap or a candle, sometimes you just can't decide on just one scent or additive - so here's a project that combines the benefits of two scents while keeping them separate. Basically we'll be making a standard batch of cold process soap, but splitting the batch in two - scenting and coloring one with one scent (lavender essential oil with purple oxide** and lavender buds) and one side with another (mint, green oxide and ground spearmint.) It's a lovely way to meld two scents and make a neat looking bar of soap.

For this project you'll need:

* A basic understanding of How to Make Cold Process Soap

* Understanding of How to Make a Lye Solution

* Understanding of Soap Making SafetyYou can combine any two scent, additive and/or color combinations you like. For this batch, my recipe was:

30% Lard
30% Olive Oil
25% Coconut Oil
10% Sunflower Oil
5% Castor Oil
Lye and Water as per my lye calculatorIt's my basic Grocery Store Soap recipe.

To it, I added
Lavender Essential Oil
Manganese Violet Ultramarine**
Lavender Buds
Bergamot Mint Essential Oil
Chromium Green Oxide
Ground Spearmint** Actually, in making this recipe, I accidentally substituted manganese violet colorant for ultramarine violet - so instead of purple, I got brown - for the full story, read From Purple to Zen

Let's Get Started Making Lavender-Mint Layered Soap
Mix, Mix, Mix
Get Everything Set Up and Ready to Go
Separate and Color the First Layer
Pour the First Layer
Color the Second Half
Pour the Second Half
Time to Saponify
Unmold - Cure - and Enjoy!

If you are looking for other recipes, check out some of the links in the side bar or check in my archive. There are alot of recipes in both places. I am always looking for new recipes to post on my blog, so please return in the future.


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