Saturday, May 31, 2008

End of the Year Teacher's Gifts

It that time of year again when the kids are getting out of school. If you are thinking about giving your children's teacher a gift this year, why not take them to Opal'z Zoaps in Midtown Palo Alto and have them make a personal soap at the Soap Bar. Also, available are a wide range of bath and body products you can purchase to give to that special teacher.

And if your child is having a birthday party, why not have their birthday at Opalz? Opalz has a spacious room upstairs that holds 20 kids comfortable. Opalz party packages range from making soap to lip balms. And recently, Annie has added making candles to the line-up. Now do not forget, Opalz can schedule parties for the adults from bridal showers to singles parties.

For more information check out Opalz website at or contact Annie Jenkins at


Brooke Brimm Jewelry Design said...

I thought I was the only one to give handmade soaps and salts for end of year gifts!

Lori Stoia said...

I happened to be working at Opalz on 5/28 and 5/30. On both days, I had a session with a child who were making soaps (at the soap bar) to give to their teachers!

It is a great idea because they are giving their teachers something that they made themselves. Plus who could not use soap to wash their hands!