Saturday, May 31, 2008

Strawberry Smoothie Soap

Ingredients you will need:

Loaf mold
2lbs of Clear MP Soap Base
4 oz Strawberry Seeds
Red Colorant
Irredisent Mica
Strawberry Scent
White Colorant
Wisk or Electric Beater
Alcohol in Spritzer


- Melt 1.5 lbs of clear soap in double boiler.

- Add red colorant and scent.

- Wait 3 minutes until soap is slightly cool and then add 4 oz strawberry seeds.

- Stir to mix all the way through.

- Pour into loaf mold. Now set this aside.

- Now melt the remaining soap and add the white colorant and mica to you liking. I like the white layer to look a little shiny but not too much sparkle. Now take it off the heat and beat until fluffy. Now spritz top layer of strawberry soap with alcohol and then scoop your now fluffy top layer on.
-Let dry over night.

-Unmold, and cut into bars and enjoy.

Source: Submitted by skin_n_tonic to the Wholesale Supplies Plus Forum.

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