Friday, May 9, 2008

Fizzy Bath Kisses Recipe from Aroma Thyme


Cocoa Butter--2 oz
Baking Soda--2 oz
Citric Acid--2 oz
Oatmeal, powdered--3 Tbsp
Food Color--10 drops (optional)
Bergamot--10 drops
Rose--5 drops
Ylang-Ylang--10 drops


Melt cocoa butter (microwave is fine). Add food color and essential oils. Mix well. Add baking soda, citric acid and powdered oatmeal. Stir thoroughly. Pour into molds. Put into freezer to set. (This takes about 10-20 mins.) Remove from molds when set.

Note: Use 1-2 per bath or 3-4 for extra moisturizing.

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