Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Cuteness Soap Cigarband

This label is my first foray into creating labels for children's soaps. I had so much fun designing this label! The graphic shown is what the label looks like if printed on cardstock that is light brown or taupe. Other colors that I have experimented with are medium yellow, golden yellow, light blue and light green.I have not experimented with other colors but I am sure that this kind of retro type label would be excellent printed on medium toned cardstock paper.

This design is best printed on medium toned colors, kraft, light brown, taupe or any tea-stained kind color cardstock. There are no background colors in this soap cigarband except for the trees and grass and the few flowers, so even those with inkjet or other printers will have no problems with the details in the label. I do not recommend printing this on white paper because the retro/natural look will be lost. Plus, when I say that there is no background colors this means that if you pull the label off the Publisher document you will see that it has a transparent background. The reason for a transparent background is so that whatever cardstock paper color you use will become that background color.

Information about file:

1. File is 300 DPI, which means it is professional printer ready. Normally web graphics are 72 DPI's (Dots per inch). So this high resolution file with look just as good printed on a inkjet printer as well as a professional printer's laser printer.

2. The downloadable file is for personal use. If anyone wants to use for business products then I need to be notified.

Below are the instructions for customizing and printing:

1. Paper used should be a natural color such as tea-stained color, light brown, kraft or any natural color paper that has brownish tones in it. Or any light to medium toned colored paper.

2. Download file from Perfumekits , your source for soap cigarbands, then open file in Microsoft Publisher. Click on zoom in view to see file at 100 percent. Insert text boxes to customiz with your own information.

Enjoy!Download File Cuteness Soap Cigarband.

To see pictures of the actual cigar band, go to

Source: Reprinted with permission from Winsome Tapper, Soapmaking Editor,

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