Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Living Dead Sea - Part 2 - Dead Sea Salt Recipes

Erica from The Bonnie Bath Company recently posted Part 2 Dead Sea Salt recipes on her blog Bath Alchemy - A Soap Blog and More. The salts of the Dead Sea are used primarily for drawing out toxins, dirt and oils from the skin. They are used to exfoliate and revitalize the health of the skin. They can be used in soaks and scrubs, but cannot be used in soap, as they cause the soap to sweat excessively.  There are four nice recipes for you to try: Breathe Easy Bath Salts, Ginger Orange Milk Salts,  Margarita Body Scrub and Minty Solid Salt Scrub

I think the first recipe I am going to try the Minty Solid Salt Scrub.  It seems very similiar to a solid sugar scrub recipe I learned how to make in a class I took at The Nova Studio.

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