Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pumpkin Coconut Milk Salt Bars

Fall season is now here and what is the item that brings up images of this time of year? Too me it is harvest time especially pumpkins.  Amanda of Lovin' Soap thought she would kick pumpkin season off with a salt bar made with real pumpkin and coconut milk scented with Bramble Berry’s Pumpkin Lager.  So if you love pumpkin then you should try her recipe for Pumpkin Coconut Milk Salt Bars .  What I found most interesting was the combination of ingredients especially lye.  According to Amanda, the cool thing about salt bars is that they are ready to unmold in about four hours (depending on your recipe).  They heat up real quick and then as soon as they are cool…they are rock hard and ready to be unmolded. 

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