Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sprouts is Now Open in Mountain View

Recently, a Sprouts opened in the old Tower Records location (630 San Antonio Rd) across from the San Antonio Shopping Center in Mountain View.  And today, I went in to check it out. 

Well, I have to say that is like a Trader Joe's only with more stuff.  They have a deli where they make sandwiches and meat counter. Plus they have You are wondering why I am telling you this.  To be honest, I discovered that they have a beauty aisle where they sell Aura Cacia essential oils.  And this may be important for those who have taken classes from me in the past.  All of the important essential oils are available including vanilla which Whole Foods Market, which happens to be down the street does not sell.  Sprouts does have some of the oils you can use for making lotions in the beauty department but remember they will charge you tax.  And like Whole Foods, they carry the Spectrum brand of oils too.  So if you cannot find what you want at Whole Foods, check out Sprouts.

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