Monday, June 25, 2012

Soap Queen's Talk It Out Tuesday: Preservatives

In a recent post,  Anne-Marie wrote about preservatives in her Talk It Out Tuesday segment on her site.   Preservatives can be a tricky if you haven’t used them before, but fear not, this post will explain the differences so that you can become the expert on preservatives.  She goes through explaining what preservatives are and what are not preservatives; what kind of preservatives are out there; when do you need to use preservatives; and some recipes that uses Brambleberry preservatives.

Hope you find the information helpful. If you missed previous Soap Queen Talk It Out Segments, check out segments on colorants, bath bombs colorants, and  melt and pour soap.  Sounds like this series is a hit and Anne-Marie may post other topics in the future. So tune.  Same soap time, Same soap channel.

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