Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making Ombre Layered Cold Process Soap

As a blogger, I follow many blogs on soap making and crafting. Recently, one particular blog I follow titled I Rather Be Soaping documented  her experience on a recent post on making ombre layered cold process soap. What is ombre? Well, another name for this technique is gradient layering. The idea is to have a color gradually change from dark to light with each progressive layer as you can see from Jenny's picture.

Jenny first saw a gradient layering tutorial on Anne-Marie's Soap Queen blog. Then later she saw a  video created Emily from Shieh Design Studio called Making Ombre Layer Soap.  Jenny was very pleased how her soap came out but  she was hoping that my layers would be more distinct and the lines a little straighter. She thinks her early layers should have been at a thicker trace, and maybe I should have poured with a bit more care.  I would suggest you watch her video on how she created her own soap.  I love the look of this technique and Jenny did a wonderful job on her soap!

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Jenny said...

Thank you so much for featuring "I'd Lather Be Soaping"! I appreciate the shout-out for my blog! :)