Friday, June 22, 2012

Hydrosols for Hair Care

What are Hydrosols?  According to The Natural Beauty WorkshopHydrosols are the steam distilled essences of plants and botanicals. Far gentler than the essential oils they are made in conjunction with, Hydrosols can be used in their pure form, directly on the skin and hair. They can sometimes have unexpected aromas, but they are usually have mild, herbal scents that dissappear quickly after drying.

There are many Hydrosols made from plants that can be benficial in natural hair care. These gentle botanical waters can be used in cleansing rinses, scalp toners, or as an ingredient in creams, soaps, or conditioners. Though almost any of our wide range of Hydrosols can be used to complement hair care recipes, the most popular choices are Lavendula, Rosemary, and Neroli. These three Hydrosols are particularly sought after for their hair care benefits

If you would like to learn more about using hydrosols in your hair care regiment, then I would recommend reading the article on The Natural Beauty Workshop's blog titled Hydrosols for Haircare.

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