Monday, April 30, 2012

Natural Eco Chic Soap

In this episode The Soap Queen will show how to make all natural, earth-friendly, eco-chic soap. Using an Organic Melt & Pour base, natural colors and essential oils, this soap project is made even more natural by using recycled containers as soap molds.

The ingredients you will need for the green bar are Organic Melt & Pour Soap Base, Spirulina Powder, Lavender Essential Oil, Various cleaned and recycled plastic containers. If you would like to make the Layered Loaf Soap you will need the following: Organic Melt & Pour Base, Kaolin Claym Calming Synergy Essential Oil blend, Activated Charcoal, Coffee Grounds, Cleaned Box Milk or Soup container All of these ingredients can be purchased (except for the plastic containers, coffee grounds) can be purchased through Brambleberry. You can even purchase a Eco Chic Kit from them.

Make Natural, Earth Friendly, Eco-Chic Soap from Soap Queen on Vimeo.