Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chamomile Bath Powder

Love taking a bath?  How about adding a Chamomile Bath Powder to your next bath? This lovely floral aroma Chamomile Bath Powder recipe can be found on The Natural Beauty Workshop website. The author Emmy Gabriel says that this recipe will enrich your tub with a soothing floral aroma, and the soft texture of buttermilk.  This delightfully simple bath powder recipe combines the sweet, apple-like scent of Chamomile Essential Oil with cleansing Kaolin Clay and Dendritic Salt, natural Buttermilk Powder, and water softening Baking Soda.  The result is a rich, floral milk tea that your skin will love you for.  Just drop a few tablespoons into warm bath water, lay back, and let the calming scents and smooth water envelop your senses. So why not try making it today!  These would make great gifts/favors for your guests at your next bridal or baby shower or whatever gather you may have. All of the ingredients you need to make this recipe can be purchased through From Nature With Love.  

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