Friday, April 20, 2012

Buttercream Bath Bombs Recipe

Love taking baths?  Have you ever tried a bath bomb before?  It really makes your bath extra special with effervescence and aroma to your bathing experience.  You are wondering what effervescence is?  Well, the best way to explain it is bubbles!  Yes, bubbles. It is the reaction of the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid when gets wet by the bath water. This recipe for Buttercream Bath Bombs from DIY Skincare has an extra special ingredient of Cocoa Butter.  Now you can use the ultra refined version which the nice chocolate aroma is taken out, but in this recipe you might want to choose the natural version so it will nicely complement the buttercream fragrance that the recipe calls for.  If you decide to use an alternative fragrance that does not go with the chocolate aroma then I would suggest going with the ultra refined.

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Anne-Marie said...

What a great idea to use Buttercream in a Bath Bomb. It'll make your bath-time experience smell divine!