Sunday, April 29, 2012

Learn to Make Twisted Candles

When I was looking for some interesting candlemaking projects I came across this link on how to learn how to make twisted candles.  When I saw the title, I was thinking of the rolled beeswax candles I learned how to make in a beeswax candlemaking class I took at the Palo Alto Adult School in May 2002, but isn't.  You first have to make your own hand dipped candles.  If you do not know know how to do it then there is a link to show you how. Now I have not tried this project but it does look very interesting and easy to do.  It seems hard to believe that this type of candle was made by machine but you can makes these in your very own home.  The only thing that I am wondering is the type of wax is supposed to be used since in the instructions it just says candle wax.  I am thinking it maybe paraffin.  What do you think?

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