Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Make Soy Chunk Candles

Love soy candles?  Soy candles offer an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin candles. Since they are made from all natural materials, soy candle stubs are biodegradable and offer none of the chemical problems of their paraffin cousins. These candles also have a smoother texture than other kinds of candles.

Have you ever thought of creating soy chunk candles?  According to Megan Shoop, ehow contributor says they are particularly popular. She says that these candles consist of many colors of soy wax embedded in one background color. She adds these candles are very easy to make and make great gifts.  If you want to read Megan's article to learn How to Make Soy Chunk Candles, it appears on Ehow. 

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