Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wavy Loaf Sorbet Soap

For those who have taken my melt and pour soap making classes in the past and were interested in learning how to make a loaf soap, here is a basic layer soap project from Soap Place.

The instructions for this Wavy Loaf Sorbet Soap is very basic, although I am concerned with the non stick loaf pan being used as a mold. I do not know for sure how well the soap will come out once it is cured. You may want to spray the pan with some cooking spray or better yet use a silicone loaf pan.

As for the color and scent of these bar of soap, you do not have to follow what the instructions call for you can purchase what fragrance or coloring that you choose. You can purchase the Life of the Party supplies from Michaels. As for the crinkle cutter, I found mine on Ebay. If anyone else knows where else someone can purchase one please let us know.

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