Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tangerine Honey Soap Recipe

Here is another wonderful citris cold process soap recipe from MakingBathProducts.com it is called Tangerine Honey Soap. According to the website,this recipe smells really wonderful in the shower but you can’t let it sit too long before cutting it into bars. Something about all the citrus in the recipe makes the loaf become really hard after twenty-four hours. If you find that you would like to anchor the tangerine scent a little more, try replacing half of the sweet orange essential oil with patchouli.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh, that makes me happy. We have our own bees but I have not yet made honey soap. NOW I will. Many thanks !

Dragon (Karen) said...

Sounds beautiful!

I read a hint to use cornflour or cornstarch to anchor citrus aromas ... works well for me! I use approx 2 tablespoons cornflour per 1000 gm oil.