Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Make Milk Bath Balm

As I searched for new recipes, I found this article on How to Make Milk Bath Balms by Laura Thompkins. To be honest I never heard of a bath balms before until I read her article. According to Laura, a bath balm is a small bar designed to slowly melt in a warm bath. Bath balms, or bath melts as they are sometimes called, fill the bathroom with an aromatic scent while they emit essential oils into your bathwater to soften the skin.

Her recipe is different from what I have made in the past for a bath melt. The only item that we have similiar in our recipes is shea butter. I found the addition of unscents baby soap, powdered milk and poppy seeds quite interesting in a bath melt recipe. And I am wondering if I could add powdered milk to the recipe I have. I guess I will have to put on my lab coat and goggles in order to give it a try. If that does not work I will have to try her recipe.

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