Saturday, April 2, 2011

Body Mousse Recipe

I found this recipe for Whisked body mousse recipe from And I was wondering what makes this a body mousse. So I looked at the ingredients and determined it could not be a whipped body butter because (1) it does not contain any butter ingredients such as shea or cocoa and (2) it contains water. Since it contains water it is more of a cream, but what makes it is mousse and the answer is really simple - it is whipped. In a regular cream recipe the ingredients are blended until emulisified. This goes one step further and it is whipped
with an immersion blender.

What is nice about this recipe is that the author gives you the appropiate amount of perservative if you want to put it or you can leave it out. So the choice is up to you. But if you do not use a preservative, then you should use it right away and keep it in the fridge like the author suggests.

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Splurge Sisters said...

This sounds absolutely divine. I've made butters but not a mousse before.