Friday, April 1, 2011

Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe

Are you a fan of coconut? How would you like to incorporate your favorite scentsation into your sugar scrubs? This Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe from The Natural Body Workshop may just fit the bill to get your favorite treat in everyday. According to the site if you love coconut than you are going to love this scrub. It is packed with yummy coconut ingredients, and smells utterly delicious, with or without the addition of fragrance oil. One of their newest ingredients, Coconut Shell Powder, adds superfine exfoliation and a lovely rich brown color. And their finely shredded coconut pumps up the aroma of the scrub, while adding gentle buffing action.

I am not much of a coconut person, but this recipe somehow reminds me of being on a tropical island such as Hawaii or somewhere in the Carribbean. So if you cannot afford to go to take a trip you may want to make this sugar scrub recipe to take a brief relaxing trip from your everyday life. Give this recipe a try and let us what you think.


Splurge Sisters said...

I make a sugar scrub now that is a bit different but this one sounds great. Thanks for the post, think I'll have to try it this week-end.

Soap Crafter said...

I have made a traditional salt scrub and sugar scrub cubes but not this one. You will have to tell us how it turns out when you make this recipe.

Spiritual Essence said...

sounds great i think i will be trying it this weekend also. i will definitely keep eveyone posted on the outcome.