Friday, April 22, 2011

Flower Perfume Recipes from EHow

If you are drawn to perfumes that have a floral scent, you may want to try these recipes that I found on Ehow. But I will tell you that most of these recipes use vodka in most of these recipes. So if you are looking for recipes that use a carrier oil such as grapeseed, then these are not the recipes for you.

How to Make Perfume Using Flowers
How to Make Honeysuckle Perfume
How to Make Passion Flower Perfume
How to Make Lavender Perfume
How to Make Rose Perfume
How to Make Perfume From Wild Violets

I have not tried making perfumes in this way before so I could not say if I like them or not. My previous experience in making perfumes was taking a class through The Nova Studio
called 3 Types of All Natural Perfumes (aka Essential Oil Blending). In this class, I learned how to make a perfume in a spray, solid and roll-on version. I really liked the solid and roll on version. If you are interested in taking this class, The Nova Studio offers this class as an individual class or part of their Original 4 Day Bath and Body Boot Camp.

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