Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two Tone Layered Cold Process Soap Technique

In a recent newsletter from Brambleberry, Anne-Marie discusses how to make this Two Tone Layered Soap in a Vertical Wooden Soap Mold. When I saw this mold, I thought it was really interesting making the layered soap in the upright position. When I took Ruth Esteves's Advanced Cold Process class at The Nova Studio, students learned how to make this type of soap the horizontal way. If you are interested in learning how to make this soap the horizontal way, I believe this class is now offered through The Nova Studio's newly formated Two Day Soap Bootcamp. I am not sure if this class will be offered as a stand alone class again. In step 2 of the directions, Anne Marie provides a link to watch an informational instructional videos on cold process soap. I would recommend watching them if you need a refresher.

The ingredients and tools for the layered soap by Brambleberry are 15.4 oz Olive Oil , 13.2 oz Coconut Oil , 11 oz Palm Oil, 4.4 oz Palm Kernel Flakes, 6.57 oz Lye, 4.52 oz Water, 2 oz Annatto infused Sweet Almond Oil, 2 oz Alkanet infused Sweet Almond Oil, 1 oz 10X Orange Essential Oil, 1 oz Amber Fragrance Oil, 1 oz Black Tea Fragrance Oil and Vertical Wood Log Mold.

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