Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Swirling with the Best" Supplemental Tutorial from Saponifier Magazine

At the 7th Anniversary of The Nova Studio on September 11th 2010, I was lucky enough to win the raffle and had the opportunity to select the "Swirling with the Best" Supplemental Tutorial from Saponifier Magazine . "Swirling with the Best" is a supplemental tutorial that was inspired by the "Best Swirl" contest held in January 2009 by the leading soap making industry magazine. The contest had 49 entries from all over the world and received over 1,000 votes.

The contributors to this tutorial were Nicole Benitex, Joan Broughton, Debbie Chialtas, Lovena Harwood, Jinaaiaka Jakuszeilt, Lori Nova, Christy Rose, Misty Sprouce, and Ana Bryna Tracy. These contributors wrote and submitted articles on their way they create their own special swirl bars of the soaps. Included in this supplemental are the following articles:

Swirls in the Pot Section: 1-6 Color Swirl in the Pot Method with Log Mold (Cold Process), 6 Color In the Pot Swirl with in the Mold Top Swirls (Cold Process) and 1 Color Oven Hot Process Swirl (Hot Process)

Swirls Done in the Mold Section: 4 Layer Strawberry Fields Forever (Cold Process), Mantra Swirl (Cold Process), Controlled Swirling: Two Easy Techniques (Cold Process), Two Color Contrast Swirl (Cold Process), Coloring Swirled Cold Process Soap, and Marbling Melt and Pour Soap Sugar Plum Hanging Ornament Soap.

Each article is written and layout like very simple step by step recipe card which makes each process of making each recipe to be made with ease. In addition each article is supplemented with colorful photographs which corresponds with each step.

If you would like to order your own copy, to the "Swirling with the Best" Supplemental Tutorial Link for more information on how to order. The supplement come in a different variety of formats: PDF File Download, CD Mailed, and a printed booklet. Each is priced differently. PDF File is $17.95, CD Mailed is $19.95 and a printed booklet is $24.95. To order any of these options can be placed through Saponifier Magazine's secure order form.

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