Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Make A Smelly Jelly

Several years ago, I was at Joann Fabric and Craft store and I had purchased a container that had some gel content. This gel when melted down you could add scent and liquid coloring to create your smelly jelly.  This was a really great project that my niece and I did together. 

Now I want to recreate that memory.  But now Joann does sell that particular product anymore. So I searched the internet, I found this recipe for Homemade Smelly Jelly from Tip Nut

The tip I really like and never thought of was too add embedded items similar to the gel candles embedded items to give your smelly jelly more pzazz.

As for jars to contain your smelly jelly are the jars that has the daisy perforated lids.  If you cannot find those or in a bind, you could  use any heat proof glass (mason jars, baby jars) and cover the top with lace or netting instead of jar lids.

So why not try this activity with your kids.  They will have a load of fun.

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