Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bee Balm Lip Salve Recipe

Brenda Brock from Farm Aesthetics from Rhode Island appeared on Cultivating Life to demonstrate this simple recipe from Bee Balm Lip Salve which combines local beeswax and herbs from the garden.  If you did not know, beeswax is primarily used in skin care products for its emollient, softening and antibacterial properties.

The tools need to make this lip balm salve are a hot plate, double boiler, ice cube tray and a strainer.  As for the supplies, you will need lemon balm; grape seed, almond or soy oil; vitamin E; beeswax, pink grapefruit essential oil; cheesecloth; containers for the salve and a quart size storage jar with a cover.

Since the recipe calls for grapefruit essential to flavor your lip balm/salve, I want to let you know that all citrus essential oils are photosensitive.  Which means that if you wear this product on your lips when you go outside it can cause sunburn or a rash on your lips.  So you may want to apply this product to your lips and wait before going out or apply in the evening.

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