Friday, October 8, 2010

Simply Sweet Sugar Scrubs Class @ The Nova Studio

Recently, I have heard the buzz regarding sugar scrubs and was really interested in finding more about them. Well, I had found a tutorial for a solid sugar cube recipe by Erin Pikor that appeared on a blog titled Soap and the Finer Things in Life . I was really intrigued and wanted to know more. Interesting enough I saw that Erin would be teaching a class at The Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA. I thought hurrah! And I immediately signed up and anxiously waited for the faithful day in September 2010 for the class to happen.

What I was really look for was learning how to make a scrub that does not feel greasy to the skin or leave the tub slippery where I could potentially slip and fall. In this new and innovative full-day class at The Nova Studio we learned how to make 4 different types of creative & skin-loving sugar scrubs including a sugar whipped soap, a lip exfoliator, a foot scrub and sugar cube scrubs. I have to tell you that I found all of the products made in the class intriguing. First of all, I never heard of a sugar whipped soap. The feeling is very silky and smooth so it will be very interesting to try it for the first time. I never heard of a lip exfoliator before or never needed the use for one but I could use this product during the cold winter months. And it is something that I am looking forward to using soon. And finally the sugar cube scrubs. What can I say? That the product is simply irrestible! I like it so much better than dipping my fingers in a jar of an oily substance.

What was so amazing in this class is what you left with. Each student left with two 10.5 oz jars of body sugar cubes, one 10 oz jar of sugar whipped soap, one 6 oz jar of Green Tea Foot scrub and at least two adorable pots of mango lip scrub. And with the added BONUS from Erin that each student got a kit with ingredients to make six more lip scrubs at home! I wound up getting a pineapple flavor which I have not made yet since I have not finish the apple flavor exfoliator in class. At the table I was sitting at we decided to our scented our sugar cube scrubs with a kumquat fragrance oil. Too me it smelled like a fresh grapefruit, but when I let someone else take a whiff they thought it was tangerine. Go figure. But what really exordinary was Erin's handout. It contained beautiful color photographs corresponding to each step plus the recipes for each product had ingredient amounts to make small and large batches. I could not ask for anything more.

Another great testament to the class was that there were 18 people taking this first time class. And the participants most came from all over the bay area except for one couple who came all the way from Mexico. Alot them were crafters, some had their own businesses and some were teachers who actually taught other classes at the studio. With such a diverse group how could one had a great learning experience in the class.

Erin was a fantastic instructor. Erin is the owner of Naiad Soap Arts and a proud member of the handcrafted Soap Makers Guild. With a background in fine art and photography, she began making soap in 2006 with an attention to formulating soaps and bath products that suited her problematic and sensitive skin but also appealed to her sense of composition and color. She is best known for her award winning soap design, her dessert line of soaps including the French Macaroon soap and her body sugar cubes, a no mess single use, cube shaped sugar scrub. Her soaps can be found online and in boutiques around the country.

So if you are really interested in learning more about making sugar scrubs, I highly recommend taking Erin's class at The Nova Studio. Make sure to check The Nova Studio's website to see when the next time this class is offered. Make sure to sign up for the class because it is well worth the $125 class fee plus the $35 materials fee. I really cannot say enough or more about this class. You just need to be there and experience the joy of making all of these products. I am so looking forward to using the products made in this class and of course making these products as gifts. All of the recipes are very simple to make. But I would say that the sugar cube scrubs would be the most challenging because you have to make sure to pour it into the mold before it cools down and solidifies. But with practice that challenge could be conquered.

If whatever reason you are unable to take the class, The Nova Studio offers an eclass handout for a great price of $39.00. You are wondering what an eclass is? Well, basically you are purchasing the handout that is given in the class in a downloadable form that you can save right on your computer. Are you interested in purchasing an E-Class Handout? Then visit the E-Class Handout Link to The Nova Studio to find out more info.

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Lori at The Nova Studio said...

HI Lori! Thanks so much for posting that great review of Erin's first Sugar Scrubs class here at The Nova Studio. I wanted to confirm that this eClass definitely DOES have wonderful pictures - and you can find a full detailed description of what is on each and every page of this eClass by going to this link here: