Monday, October 18, 2010

Luscious Lip Balms, Gloss and Exfoliator Class @ CSM Community Education

On Saturday, October 16th (2010), I took a class through Community Education on how to make lip balms, gloss and exfoliators with Melanie Wessner. Some of you maybe wondering why I took this class since I recently took a class on sugar scrubs last month which included how to make a lip scrub. And I already knew how to make a lip balm. So it would seem to be a waste of time. Well, most importantly I wanted to learn how to make a lip gloss but I find that taking a class on a subject that I may have some experience in also has some benefits. For example, I learned tips how to create my own recipes. Melanie provide me the information on the correct percentages of ingredients that I needed to know to make a lip balm recipe from scratch rather than following some one else's recipe. In addition, I gained alot of tips and tricks to making other products. For example, if I wanted to make a lip balm and wanted to put the mixture into a pot instead of a tube. I would have to make the recipe abit softer which means adjusting the wax.

The first produce we learned how to make was a lip balm. Melanie demonstrated on how to make a simple recipe. Then a second lip balm recipe was made with the assistance of the class. Each student got to participate learning how to measure the ingredients and if a simple mistake was made in measuring, Melanie instructed the class on how to adjust the other ingredients in the class. Since I had previously made a lip balm before I graciously gave up my chance to try. I really wanted the students who did not prior experience to give it a try.

The second product we made was a sugar lip exfoliator. It is similar to making a lip balm but with the added ingredient of sugar to scrub off any dead skin off of our lips. Melanie was also kind enough to demonstrate how to use the product.

The last product we made was a lip gloss. In Melanie's handout she provided several recipes we could choose from. The class unanimously chose to learn how to make a lava lamp lip gloss. This is a very unique product that none of us has ever heard of before and were all excited to learn to make. If you grew up in the 60's you would really like this product and I believe this would be a hit with the teens and tweens.

Overall, I enjoyed this premiere class. All though there were eight students in the class, I felt that Melanie was able to provide ample to attention to everyone and accomodated the different skill level. I am glad that I had the opportunity to take this class and did not miss it.

I would highly recommend this class who would be interested in learning how to make your own lip products. Hopefully, Melanie would offer this class again in the future. If you missed this class, you may want to check out her Natural Scented Festive Candles Class offerred on November 20 from 10 am to 1:30 pm. The candles you learn how to make in this class would make great gifts for any holiday.

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