Thursday, August 5, 2010

Watermelon Sherbert Scrub

Here is a refreshing scrub for the summer from The Natural Beauty Workshop - Watermelon Sherbert Scrub:

Makes about 16 ounces

*Please note: These colorants may bleed or fade over time.  For a more reliable color, try using Chromium Oxide Green or Avocado Mica for the green section and Rouge Flambe Mica or Pink Glimmer Mica for the red section.


Start by mixing the Dendritic Salt, Fragrance Oil, and Shealoe Butter together in a large mixing bowl.  The Shealoe Butter should be soft enough to mix at room temperature, but if it is too firm, try warming it gently by submerging the sealed container in a hot water bath for several minutes.  When the first three ingredients are mixed thoroughly, separate the mixture into four equal portions.  Place two portions into a separate mixing bowl and add the FDA Red Mica, mixing well to fully disperse the colorant.  Next, put one portion in another bowl and add the FDA Green Mica.  Leave the last portion of scrub white.  (Tip: If you like, you can add a little extra Mica for a bolder color.  Just don't add too much, or the color could end up dyeing your skin while using the scrub.) Now that your scrub is colored, you can scoop it into your containers.  Start by adding the green scrub, then the white, then the pink.  You'll want to fill 1/4 of the jar with green scrub, 1/4 with white scrub, and 1/2 with pink.  It helps to tap the mixture down in between each layer.


For this recipe, we used four 4 ounce PET Jars with White Lids.  You can split the scrub into smaller or larger portions by using another sized jar.  Your scrubs will look extra cute if you use our free printable labels.  Download them here: Download WatermelonSherbScrubLabelsSheet  You can attach the labels to the jars directly, or punch a small hole in them to use them as tags.

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