Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recycled Baby Food Jar Candles

This baby food jar candle project from Cathie Filian would be an adorable party favor and an easy craft for a baby shower.  This candle could be made and decorated for any kind of party you have coming up.


Soy container-blend wax
Recycled glass baby food jars
Cotton-cored wick
Metal wick base
Candle thermometer
Large glass measuring cup
Optional: fragrance or color chips


1.Thoroughly clean the baby food jars. Attach the metal wick base to one end of the wick, following instructions on the package. Wrap the other end of the wick to the center of a skewer; balance the skewer across the opening of the jar. The skewer will keep the wick straight during the pouring and cooling stages.

2. Place the soy wax in a large glass measuring cup. In a microwave, melt on medium temperate in short intervals. (1 minute at a time) Remove and place the thermometer in the wax, stir as needed, until the melted wax has reached a temperature of 160 degrees (never heat above 160 degrees). Note: One pound of melted soy wax will make 2-1/4 c. liquid wax.

3. Cool the wax to 110 degrees, pour it very slowly into the prepared jar. Make sure the wick is centered and taut. When the wax is completely cool, trim the wick to 1/4" long. In order for the fragrance to settle, wait four days before burning.

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