Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Online Selling Site

You have heard of ETSY to sell your crafts online, well one of my followers on Twitter mentioned Handmade Craft Show (http://handmadecraftshow.com/).

Handmade Craft Show is a virtual craft show. A virtual craft show is the latest craze in buying and selling online.

Of course there are the typical rules that you have to be 18 and selling handmade crafts which means that your site is family friendly and does not contain adult content.

What is really great about this site is that it gives a 25% discount on rental of certain aisles for crafters who are Twitter Followers. How can you beat that?

Your virtual craft booth will consist of a shop name, web site URL that links directly to your site or online shop so customers can purchase from you, 5 pictures of items that you would like to represent your booth (pic size is approximately 80x80 pixels), a brief description of your crafts or company, and a short list of crafts you are selling plus many more features.

Is your Etsy account getting lost in the crowd? Handmade Craft Show can link your booth to your Etsy site which is really great feature.

What more can you ask? What does this cost? A booth rental is for 30 days and can vary depending on the size of the booth. For a complete listing of prices please visit http://handmadecraftshow.com/available-online-craft-show-booths/. If you like to be a featured artist it will cost you $12.95 without an existing booth rental and $6.95 if you have one. If you are demonstrating your crafts on You Tube, you may want to add the Artist Exhibit - Demonstrate Your Craft Option. Handmade Craft Show could display it in their Artist Exhibit Pages. If you have an existing booth rental the charge for this feature is only $7.95 per month and $3.95 per month if you have an existing booth rental.

For more information on Handmade Craft Show, visit their website at http://handmadecraftshow.com/.

If anyone out there has experience selling on Handmade Craft Show, I would like to hear your experience.

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