Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bath Salt Scrub Bar

by Carrie Grosvenor

Bath salts are terrific, but they’re not all that conducive to showers. I mean you could throw some salts in your shower, but your feet are the only body parts that will benefit from that! If you want to take your bath salts and transform them into something shower-friendly, try making a Salt Scrub bar of soap.

There are two different ways to go about this that have worked for me, and both use melt and pour. I’ve tried adding salts to cold process soap but they’ve never stood up to the heat of the soap itself. I suppose you could add a layer of m&p soap on top of your CP batch and sprinkle the salts over the soap while it’s still hot - that might be one of my next experiments! Anyway, moving on.

For a simple Salt Scrub bar, you’ll need:

handful of prepared bath salts for each bar
clear or opaque melt and pour soap base
soap molds
soap dyes (optional)
essential or fragrance oils


Place a small handful of bath salts in the bottom of each soap mold; set aside.

Melt the soap base as usual, and add your colour and fragrance once the soap is completely melted and slightly cooled. (Note: Choose a fragrance that either matches or compliments the scent of the bath salts.) Pour the soap into the molds and allow to harden for several hours.

When you pop the soap out of the molds, the salts will be “stuck” on the top of the bar. This creates a scrub side for exfoliating, while the smooth side can be used for simple cleansing.


grey said...

Great info! I like the idea of having one side as smooth and the other for scrubbing. Can I use any type of bath salts like Dead Sea salts perhaps?

Lori Stoia said...

You probably could if you use a fine grain of salt. Course size would be way to hurtful...if you know what I mean.