Sunday, April 19, 2009

Packaging: Plastic Bottles

Boston Round

Boston Round Plastic Bottles, like glass, come in a variety of sizes from ½ ounce to 16 ounce to fit your many applications. The Boston Round design is applicable in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and a broad variety of other industries. They can be used with numerous plastic closures including caps, pumps, sprayers, fine mist sprayers, discs tops, and even some metal caps. It is always best to first test out your product with the bottle and closure to assure compatibility. Make sure to remember to put on a label or have this attractive container silk screened with your unique brand.

Ovals Plastic

Oval Bottles are used in many different cosmetic, health and beauty aid applications. A unique product called a Corporate Oval. This unique design includes a flat panel that easily lends itself to adhesive and silk screen labels. Try this out for a unique look!

Cosmo Round

Cosmo Rounds come in a variety of sizes, are made of HDPE and are great for sprays, lotions, cosmetics, household toiletries, pharmaceuticals, pet products and food. They will also work with a variety of other liquid and some dry applications. Always make sure to test the contents with the container and closure to make sure they are a good chemical match. Cosmo Rounds look very attractive on any shelf. However, without a unique label that makes your statement they are simply generic. And this bottle offers the ability to put a label on both the front and the back. So remember to always order your label along with your container.

HDPE Cylinders - PVC Cylinders

Cylinder Bottles are used for most everything liquid. Just about every industry has an application for this basic container. You will also find a large selection of both HDPE and PVC types. HDPE and PVC are both excellent containers, with HDPE being the more economical choice. If you need more esthetics for your material, select the PVC container in either clear or white. In all sizes there are a variety of options in terms of color and neck finishes accommodating the many, many cap, pumps and other closures that will fit this container. The cylinder bottle easily accommodates a wrap around label, to fit all of your products descriptive information.

F-Style Oblong

The F-Style is great for liquids in larger quantities that need to be poured. You will find the F-Style used for food products, like oils and shortening, chemicals of all kinds, various petroleum products, and many other bulk quantity liquid applications. These are easy to fill and store due to their square oblong size. These come in natural or white.

Sprayer Bottles

Sprayer bottles are easy to grip and easy to hold. They are excellent for many cleaning and janitorial / sanitation purposes with or without a sprayer attachment. These containers can also be used for household cleaning products, garden sprays, or even a convenient water sprayer at the beach. They come in 8 ounce up to 32 ounce sizes in both natural, white and clear. To complete your bottle select an appropriate sprayer or cap. Remember, when ordering a sprayer make sure the dip tube is the right length. All of the varieties we carry lend themselves to easy labeling. You can select a paper adhesive label, a printed silk screen or an easy to apply sleeve.

Modern Round

This timeless basic shape is designed to accommodate and protect your important label by providing a recessed panel area. We carry four different bottle sizes and you can select from natural, white and amber colors. Since we focus on the complete container, you will notice that we have Panel Label Dimensions available for every container, making it easy for you to pick out the right size.


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