Sunday, April 19, 2009

Early Registration For Classes

I would strongly encourage anyone interested in signing up for my classes to do so at the earliest possible moment. The reason is that one it would possible prevent the class from being cancelled. And two it helps determine on how much supplies I order.

For example, yesterday I had a Body Balms and Butters class at the Palo Alto Adult School. I had 5 students sign up for the class. But when class started there were 3 students who had signed up online but somehow did not make the list. Then 45 minutes into the class three women came in for the class stating they signed up online. I could not take them because I had only enough supplies for the students in the class.

It really helps when registering early because it helps determine the amount of supplies to order and having the right amount of handouts copied. For planning purposes, I contact the school's a week and a half prior to the class to see how many students are in the class. Then I will add on enough supplies for 2-3 students then I place the order. Most of the supplies I get come from out of state and it takes time for the supplies to arrive in time for the class.

I know that there are last minute sign ups that cannot be avoided but if you sign up online or the night before I highly recommend bringing your confirmation to the class. IT really helps the instructor confirm that you are in the class.

Thanks for understanding.

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