Monday, April 20, 2009

Packaging: Jars

Regular Wall Straight Sided

The Regular Wall Straight Sided jar is a packaging basic. It is used in just about any industry for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, storage or any number of other applications. These are made of either Polypropylene (PP) or Polystyrene (PS). Remember to always check the container you a filling to make sure it is compatible with your material. Polypropylene (PP) can handle higher heat products, while Polystyrene (PS) is more suitable for cold or very low heat filling. You can select from a variety of plastic and metal closures.

Double Wall

Double Wall Jars offer you the opportunity to package less in a larger container. Very often found in the cosmetics industry, these unique designs protect your product and give an excellent visual impact. You have the choice of several different closures to match or contrast with this white jar.

Round Wide Mouth

The Round Wide Mouth Jar has numerous applications for both small and large quantities of product. You will find these used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and many other industries. These containers in sizes from 8 ounce up to 1 gallon made from HDPE for cold filling or Polypropylene (PP) for hot filling. Round Wide Mouth Jars lend themselves well to both printed adhesive labels and silk screening.


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