Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Skin Care: Tired, dull Skin

For tired and dull skin, you may find that your skin is lacking in elasticity and firmness; expression lines and wrinkles are more marked; your complexion lacks radiance and looks dull.

(1) Use a cleanser, toner and mask designed for dry, sensitive skin to maintain the moisture levels in the upper layers of the skin.

(2) Before you apply a moisturizer, smooth on a firming serum that will reduce the appearance of small wrinkles and expression lnes. Soya protein and Mimosa terriflora (which is known as the skin tree' and is renowned for its healing and revitalizing capabilities) will firm up and repair the skin and provide good protection from ageing free radicals.

(3) Use an intensive, restructuring moisturizer to continue the firming and repairing action.

Mask or Massage Blend for Tired Skin

Directions: Apply as a mask for 10 minutes o massage into the face.

24 ml of apricot kernel oil
5 drops of petitgrain EO
4 drops of sandalwood EO
3 drops of chamomile EO

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Source: Home Spa...Pamper Yourself From Head to Toe by Chrissie Painell-Malkin, page 50.

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